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I Did a 3-Day Juice Cleanse. This Is What Happened

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Let's start with my background. I'm a foodie, I usually lack the necessary discipline for diets, and I enjoy every aspect of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Due to these attributes, the thought of doing a juice cleanse seemed near impossible. However, I did it, and the results were very interesting.

This is the first time I did a 3-day cleanse, and I experienced 0 headaches or nausea because I cut out caffeine 4 days beforehand, and my diet was already somewhat healthy.

I went with the full-day juice fast "cleanse 2" from Pressed Juicery. Their website is very user-friendly. You choose the package you want, select the number of days you want your cleanse to be, and give you 6 juices for each day which are numbered, so you know which order to take them in. The juices are yummy, and they have a wide variety of options.

Overall I lost 1 pound, which boosted my humor and energy levels, making my stomach less bloated. Although I welcomed all of these results, after watching a couple of documentaries on fasting and talking with my doctor, it sounds like there isn’t any official scientific data that genuinely back up the benefits of a juice cleanse.


In conclusion, even though my experience was good, I would not recommend you do a juice cleanse without consulting your doctor because different people have different reactions, especially if they are sick or have other health conditions. My doctor said it’s ideal to consume the juices as a compliment to a healthy diet, and I couldn’t agree more.

So next time you dive into any detox as I did, do your homework first, so your health is not in jeopardy. Sending you all the good vibes.

Until next time!

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