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The 5 Editing Apps You Need On Your Phone Right Now

Our phones have become one of the most powerful tools that we work with. I find myself scrolling on my phone for hours, finding inspiration, playing music, and editing my photos.

When I started this blog, I promised myself I would not spend any money on any new equipment for photography or video because I knew I could do it all with my phone. I found this to be the most practical solution because I don’t need to worry about importing or exporting photos from another external device.

To accomplish this, I need apps on my phone to do all my editing. I will share with you the 5 apps I fell in love with and can’t live without.


The most notable free app you can have to edit your photos. Their filters and settings to edit your images are so user-friendly. Plus, I love that you can copy the same filter onto other photos if you would like. Just click on “copy edits,” and just like that, you make magic happen, and all the images instantly have the same theme. Along with that, you can compare your older photos with new ones in an Instagram-like layout and apply any previous filters to your new photos. I find this very helpful, especially when trying to see an accurate preview of your Instagram feed before posting each photo.


This app is beautiful, but I have to say it’s also tricky to use. The beautiful part is when you take pictures, the effect is like a vintage “Kodak” photo, and I highly recommend using it on neon signs. You will get charming captions.

The tricky part is you can only take photos through the app (no importing or editing from your camera roll), and when you take the picture, you can’t see how it’s going to look through the lens. They embrace the old fashion photo style. But other than that, very worth it to give it a try.

Lightroom CC

This app is from Adobe Photoshop, which is nice. Free and very user-friendly. You have different options, including copy and paste edits, which I find very helpful. If you are looking for more colorful photos, this is the app to use.


This app is for video only, but its vintage style is lovely. I need to shout out to the badass filmmaker @itsyossuana, who told me about this app. Check her out on IG; she has some pretty excellent posts.


This one is for layouts rather than editing photos and videos. But it has the cutest layouts ever. I receive constant compliments when I use this, and people always ask which app I use.

This app has a cost, but it's very worth it for less than the price of a pumpkin spice latte with almond milk.

​I revealed all my secrets, you can use them now. Let me know which one is your favorite!

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