• Lesslie Caro

Best Friendsgiving Dessert

Updated: May 11

If you're the type that loves to eat but knows nothing about how to cook (like me), I've got you! Vibrant Concepts came just in time to save us all from our lack of cooking skills this Friendsgiving,

Whether you are attending a Friendsgiving dinner, want to surprise your family members or if you just have a sweet tooth, Vibrant Concepts is here for you with their plant-based nutritional portions and desserts that are made with 80% raw ingredients.

I went to their website and ordered the pumpkin cheesecake which is made with cashews, gluten-free oats, dates, almonds, coconut cream, and raisins among a few other healthy ingredients. The serving size is perfect for 12 people, and the flavor is on point! It will not disappoint you. We all hate when healthy options don't taste as good as their unhealthy counterparts, but with Vibrant Concepts, this is not the case at all.

Vibrant Concepts has many more flavors and selections in addition to what I chose, so go order yours now and don't miss out!

Tag me in your posts with your Vibrant Concepts desserts, or send me a DM telling me how you like them! Thank you all so much for reading and being a part of this community. I wish the best for you and your families.

Happy Friendsgiving!

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