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Buy Easy, Breezy Summer Dresses in Miami

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

We were walking through the Wynwood district in Miami to explore the area for the first time. We had been enjoying the colorful murals, art exhibitions, and tasty food and drinks, when there it was on the corner - Pitusa, a super cute, pink store with pretty dresses hanging in the window, and I had to go in to check them out.

Once I went in and looked around a little, I realized all of their products are from India and Peru. Their unique styles speak for themselves. I fell in love with the whole concept, and I decided to get one of their tie-dye dresses, which they offer in various colors. All of them were handcrafted and dyed with organic products from Peru.

Their designs range from beachwear to dresses, t-shirts, and purses. They’re all full of color with a touch of boho. I couldn’t have been happier to wear my dress during my stay there because the cotton is so soft, and its thin material was perfect for the hot weather.

Sending positive vibes!

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