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Six Things You Need To Know Before Going On A Cruise

Last month, my friends and I decided to celebrate my gorgeous friend’s bachelorette party on a cruise. This was my first cruise ever- I didn’t know what to expect, but I was really excited to go.

If a cruise is something that’s on your to-do list or if you already have one planned, these are some things I would like to recommend to prepare you for the trip:

I’m prone to motion sickness, but the sensation of the boat on the water wasn’t bad at all.

However, some people are different than others, and I would suggest that you bring some medicine with you just in case you start feeling a little nauseous.

Cruises are so much fun, and food and nonalcoholic beverages are included. However, if you are the type who likes to cheer to the good times with your friends (like me), I would 100% recommend getting your “CHEERS!" beverage program to cover unlimited drinks. I didn’t get it, and I ended up paying twice as much as I would’ve if I had bought the pass.

Do not buy internet on the boat. Even if you get the best Wi-Fi package they offer it’s still not worth it. It’s really slow, and you are limited to using only social media apps, forget about Google. Plus, it’s nice to unplug for a little bit and enjoy your friends.

If you’re into casinos and gambling, a cruise is a good place to be. They have slots, craps, poker, roulette and 21 among other games. My advice is to set your limits and don’t get too carried away, it’s too easy to forget how much are you spending since the boat doesn’t accept any cash. They put everything on a tab, and at the end of the cruise you will end up paying everything you owe.

Wake up early, for real! We had our cruise over the weekend- we left from Miami and stopped in the Bahamas where we stayed for only one day. We woke up late the day of the Bahamas because we had stayed up late the night before, and we didn’t have enough time to get tickets to go on an excursion on the island. However, we ended up finding an alternative- we got off the boat and started asking vendors nearby if there were any organized activities planned. We were really lucky to find a last-minute ticket to take a tour of the island.

Forgot about the UBER app in the Bahamas, they mostly have taxis/buses. Also, something to keep in mind, you can use your American dollars over there, but you cannot use Bahamas dollars in United States, so just make sure you convert your money going back home.

People in the Bahamas were very kind. Overall, it was a great trip, and I love our weekend adventure being surrounded by great people. Looking forward to coming back and explore a little bit more of Bahamas.

Any fun anecdotes you had on a cruise, or do you have any upcoming trips? I want to know everything. Comment all about it below. See you!

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