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The 20 Best Places To Visit In Europe

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Hey there!

As I said on my IGTV video earlier (if you haven’t seen it already, click here) I would like to share with you some links to the places I visited while I was in Europe.

The lodging wasn’t the fanciest available, but the locations were amazing, and it was a great way to travel on a budget and not come home broke.

Let the countdown begin:

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Hostelle, (female only hostel) near the metro station attached to a cute plaza where you can find food and some interesting shops.

Dam Square, get lost in their beautifully architected shops and restaurants, near the canals where you for sure will want to take lots of pictures. Also, if you take the cable train it will take you to the Red Light District.

Museumplein, beautiful big plaza where you can find a few museums, and also during Christmas time they set up an ice skating rink.

Van Gogh Museum, I didn’t get in because I wasn’t able to get tickets because of the high tourist season, but I would love to go, and I one hundred percent recommend you to get their tickets on their website.

Moco Museum, another awesome museum that because of the high season I couldn’t get in. They two museums are next to each other, and I would love to check them out next time I travel there.

Anne Frank House, it would be better to get your tickets online instead of dealing with the crazy line outside.

Munich (Germany)

Buddy Hotel, cool location near the metro station and walking distance to the Marienplatz and the main train station, Hauptbahnhof.

Neuschwanstein Castle, a beautiful place you will want to visit. You will need to dress properly since it’s cold, and during winter time it seems to be more cloudy and humid. The way we got there was by train that we took from Hauptbahnhof. Not sure if this always happens, but while I was there the train broke down at least two times. I spent two hours standing up on a crowded train because the other trains were broken and everyone had to squeeze into one. My recommendation would be to drive there.

There’s a restaurant next to the castle where you can find traditional German food that will not disappoint you.

Loretta Bar, nice cocktails, chill ambiance and walking distance to a few more bars.

Ella, Italian restaurant located in a beautiful area called Königsplatz square, where you can find museums nearby.

Lenbachhaus, a building housing an art museum which has cute art expositions.

Prague (Czech Republic)

Meetme23, hotel with a fresh, young crowd and in a great location. Our room was big, and it had awesome windows.

Prague Astronomical Clock, one of the oldest astronomical clocks in the world and the oldest still operating. Plus, it’s in the middle of a beautiful area called Old Town.

Dancing house, my favorite part of this hotel was the view from its observatory. It might be worth it to spend some money on their items instead of paying the cover fee.

Epic, after the amazing show of fairworks at the main plaza on New Years Eve, we decided to go to this huge nightclub, that has two floors and pretty good electronic music.

DupleX, nighclub with great electronic music, ideal to dance the night of.

Lucerne (Switzerland)

Mr. Pickwick Hotel, not the biggest rooms but frankly we just stayed there for one night, and it had a beautiful view.

Mount Pilatus, we got there by bus. If you get lost like we did, people are very friendly there and will help you. Great mountain, one of the most incredible views I have ever seen, and it also has a restaurant on it where you can warm up and enjoy a glass of wine with an insane view. The mountain has a hotel attached to it is also worth checking out.

Lion Monument, beautiful monument of a Lion that commemorates the Swiss Guards that served in the French Revolution.

Läderach, the most amazing chocolate you can get in the world. No more words.

Paris (France)

I may have done the most touristy things, Eiffel tower, Louvre Museum, Arc de Triomphe, but they were the most magical things I have ever seen. Without a doubt Paris has my heart, even if some people may say it’s overrated. However, it is a big city and it’s you have to be careful in certain areas. I got my phone stolen in the metro in a matter of seconds. One station I had it in my pocket, by the next one it was gone. So, I would recommend be very careful there and mind your pockets.

Moulin Rouge, the show was from another world. I don’t want to give you too much information about it, but the dancers and acrobats were magnificent. We had VIP tickets to the 11:00 show, and it was so worth it. They also threw in a bottle of champagne with some delicious macaroons.

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

CitizenM, this hotel was fresh, fun and the design was amazing.

I would love to hear all about your travel plans. Until next time.

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