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The Top Museum Worth Checking Out In Vegas

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

If you are the type of person who enjoys doing unusual things when visiting a new destination, you will like this post.

Downtown Las Vegas was where all the magic started in this desert city. Before all the giant resorts on the strip that we know today, there was just Downtown Fremont Street with its modestly-sized hotels and casinos with their extravagant neon signs.

Downtown is different from the strip, and it’s near a museum called “The Neon Museum,” which has been collecting iconic Las Vegas signs throughout the past decades. The exhibition inspires artistry, and it’s an Instagram paradise.

You can see signs from the iconic “Hard Rock Café” guitar, among many others. Far from being glamorous, this is an eye-opener to how cool things were back then with these signs and how neon signs never go out of style.

When doing your tour, you can choose a solo tour or one with a guide. Also, they have two sections. We only visited one because we were under a time constraint, but we were satisfied with the experience. Next time we may check out the other one. If you decide to visit, be sure to confirm times on their website.

I hope you like this little tour as much as I did- I would love to see your photos there. Comment below if you have any other treasured gems in Las Vegas that you would like to recommend.

Until next time,

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