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3 Things To Do While In Marfa

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Marfa, Texas, is the unknown desert city that lets you live out your wildest dreams.

Surrounded by Big Bend Region, Marfa’s landscape offers you a calm atmosphere, allowing you to live in the here and now. We chose to stay at El Cosmico, which gives you a variety of lodging from teepees to trailers and more. The stay there reminds you of how wonderful nature is and how a social media detox doesn’t hurt anybody.

We took a plane from Dallas to Midland, Texas, and from there, we rented a car and drove three hours to Marfa. Once we got to El Cosmico, we decided to stay in a teepee the first night and in a trailer the second night to get the most out of the experience.

The teepee was precisely what the website portrayed in the pictures. I have to give El Cosmico kudos for doing such a great job decorating and making it the best glamping experience ever. You have to check out the mini-bar when you go there, and it has one of my favorite items. I will this as a surprise and just say that smoking flowers taste exquisite.

The following day, we first did breakfast at this excellent place called “Marfa Burritos,” where beautiful ladies make flour tortillas from scratch. After my stomach was full and happy, we decided to go to the Chinati Foundation, a museum where you can find different exhibitions in the middle of the desert and enclosed rooms. Going here is a must! I highly recommend it; it’s a museum experience as good as any other.

After the museum, we did what every tourist does when they go to Marfa- take pictures at the iconic Prada Store. This brilliant sculpture has taken on a life of its own in the middle of far West Texas, you have to check it out.

On the second night, the trailer was as great as the teepee, and this time we had a private shower. I have to admit, one of my favorite things to do here was taken showers outside.

On the last day of our stay, we went to Big Bend National Park, which is an hour and a half drive from Marfa, and another thirty minutes to get inside and explore the wild. We didn’t explore much there because we were in a rush to get back to Midland to catch our flight, but one thing I strongly advise is to bring insect repellent if you go here. The mosquitos are the size of dinosaurs, I’m being overdramatic, but they are significant.

Marfa, Texas, is a magical place that you have to visit if you are in Texas. I would love to hear any other Marfa recommendations in the comments section.

Have a great weekend,

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